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Pesticides Campaign
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Protecting People and Planet

EJF’s Pesticides Campaign mission is to promote farming and food production that doesn’t cost the future.


Pesticides are hazardous by design and commonly do not discriminate between their target and non-target species; unintended impacts on human health include hormone disruption, birth defects, cancers, and Alzheimers. Many of the most tragic consequences of an over-reliance on outdated and dangerous chemical pesticides are in the Global South where regulations, awareness and safety controls are weak or altogether absent.

Pesticides have been linked to the collapse of species including bees, fish, bats and birds. Some are ‘persistent organic pollutants’ (POPs), such as DDT, which can last for decades in the environment. The residues of one POP, endosulfan, have been found in the Arctic and the Himalayas miles from where they were applied, and in tissue samples taken from species ranging from vultures to minke whales and crocodiles.

Our work

Our campaign raises public, industry and political awareness of the most dangerous pesticides. We secured several national bans on endosulfan and in 2011 worked alongside an international coalition to secure the global ban on endosulfan under the Stockholm Convention. We showed the world that children forced to work in cotton fields are exposed to some of the world's most toxic chemicals, with tragic results.

In the UK, EJF is a founding member of the Bee Coalition which works collaboratively to protect bees and pollinators. We campaign against the use of neonicotinoid pesticides, which have been strongly linked to the collapse of bee and pollinator populations. We work to document and raise awareness of the impacts of harmful pesticides and to promote organic production to safeguard the health of humans, animals and our global environment.

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