Commodities Campaign
Commodities Campaign
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Protecting People and Planet

EJF’s Commodities Campaign mission is to build sustainability, transparency and traceability in supply chains.


Many products we use every day are created from commodities traded internationally through complex product supply chains. Lack of regulation means these supply chains are prone to poor working conditions, breaches of national and international labour standards, child and forced labour, exploitation and abuse. Unsustainable production and processing practices, such as irrigation for crops and the use of toxic chemicals, leads to overexploitation of natural resources and devastating environmental abuses.

Our work

We investigate the environmental and social impacts of consumer products such as cotton clothing and fabrics, tracing their origins back to the commodity’s source and examining each manufacturing stage. We build support among policymakers for sustainable and ethical industry practices and encourage retailers and consumers to make choices that have a positive impact on production standards. EJF campaigns to raise political, business and consumer awareness of the environmental and social issues linked to conventional cotton production, including toxic pesticides, the misuse of water and forced labour. We promote organic, fairly-traded and carbon neutral cotton as a sustainable, ethical and affordable alternative.

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