Climate Campaign
Climate Campaign

Protecting People and Planet

EJF’s Climate Campaign centres on the need for climate justice and protecting climate refugees in a changing world. We believe climate change is both an environmental and a human rights issue.


Climate change is creating millions of climate refugees - people forced from their homes and land by rising temperatures, droughts and famine, sea level change, and extreme weather events including floods and storms. Around 27 million people are displaced by climate- and weather- related disasters each year - that’s more than Australia's entire population. Many are among our planet’s poorest and most vulnerable people, those who have contributed the least to our changing global climate but have become the first victims of our failure to prevent climate change. Climate change is also being recognised as a significant threat to global peace and security as groups or even nations come into conflict over ever-diminishing natural resources. Climate refugees are not conferred protection under existing international agreements – in the absence of new legal agreements, these people may have nowhere to go and no means to survive.

Our work

We are dedicated to arguing the case for climate refugees and the vulnerable communities at risk from our changing world. We are putting the call to governments and our political leaders for a new legal agreement that will guarantee them rights and assistance and a fair claim to our shared world. We are calling for a UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Climate Change.

We work at the grassroots with vulnerable communities and the activists supporting them to gather powerful personal testimonies from the frontlines of climate change. Together with filmed interviews with high-profile public figures, security experts and Heads of State, we produce films to inspire politicians, business leaders and the public to help secure positive action. EJF is seeking new, innovative ways to inspire our global community to support low-carbon economies and the steps we can each take to protect the planet and vulnerable people.  

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