Cotton: Have You Picked Yours Carefully?

Over two thirds of the world’s cotton is grown in developing countries and the former Soviet Union. Valued at over $32 billion every year, global cotton production should be improving lives. But this "white gold" too often brings misery.

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1. To raise policy, consumer and corporate awareness of the environmental and social issues linked to conventional cotton production, including toxic pesticides, the misuse of water, forced and child labour.

2. To promote organic, fairly-traded and carbon neutral cotton as a sustainable, ethical and affordable alternative.

3. To ensure clear cotton supply chains and for products to be clearly labelled to show where the cotton originated.  

4. For Uzbekistan to end forced child and adult labour and unsustainable water use in cotton production.

Our 'Just For' Organic T-shirt Collection

Take a look at EJF's Just For organic cotton designer t-shirt collection with this 'Behind the Scenes' film from our star studded shoots.



Tesco has renewed their commitment to sustainable and equitable cotton production by signing a pledge not to source cotton from Uzbekistan, where forced labour is rife in the cotton harvesting.


EJF's JUST FASHION event at this year’s Hay Festival brought together winning students from around the country to take part in a 5 day sustainable fashion workshop.


EJF is pleased to announce the opening of another great pop-up shop in the heart of London where we will be showcasing our new Save the Sea designer t-shirt collection.

Ask Your Retailer to Take Action on Uzbek Cotton

Ask Your Retailer to Take Action on Uzbek Cotton

Uzbek cotton, produced using forced child and adult labour, to be exported to Bangladesh in a multi-year deal. Send a letter today to your favourite retailer asking them to raise their concerns directly with the Bangladesh Government.

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