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How you can be part of a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry

Look for items that are certified organic and / or fairtrade. Many high-street brands and online retailers have organic and fair trade collections.

Update your wardrobe without even leaving the house. Re-visit your wardrobe and bring back some old favourites that are magically back in fashion. Breathe new life into old clothes by customizing.

Re-use and re-cycle. Second-hand clothes are one way to help save the planet. Charity shops and vintage stores are a great place to pick up a one-of-a-kind bargain.

Think local. Support local trade and craftsmanship.

Buy to last. Buy clothing that is made to last and is a worthwhile investment.

Ask your retailer where their cotton comes from. Make a stand against buying from retailers until they can guarantee their products are made ethically.

Ask your retailer to take action on Uzbek cotton >

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Ask Your Retailer to Take Action on Uzbek Cotton

Ask Your Retailer to Take Action on Uzbek Cotton

Uzbek cotton, produced using forced child and adult labour, to be exported to Bangladesh in a multi-year deal. Send a letter today to your favourite retailer asking them to raise their concerns directly with the Bangladesh Government.

Please select your favourite clothing retailer from the list.
This is the body of the letter we will send to your favourite retailer - as selected above. Please personalise for greater impact. For example tell them how often you buy and what you will do if they don't take action.
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Get Active for a Better Fashion Industry

Get Active for a Better Fashion Industry

Take part in EJF's iconic London to Paris bike ride and help us address human rights and environmental abuses in the fashion industry.

Make a Donation

Anything you can afford to donate can make a big difference in helping EJF secure recognition and protection for climate refugees.


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Be part of the solution with a designer t-shirt

Wear your heart on your chest and choose from one of over 20 designs by some of the best names in fashion. You'll be joining a whole host of celebrities who support EJF's work with these luxurious, designer, climate neutral, organic and fairly traded t-shirts.

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