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Films and photographs can and do change the world

Film and photos are part of a truly international language. Images influence opinion formers and decision makers. They expose threats and show solutions. They help give a ‘voice’ to remote and vulnerable communities, whose lives would otherwise go unnoticed and unaided. Images can generate support and secure change. 

Images can provide irrefutable evidence of a problem, which is why we train local people and communities in the latest video technologies, research and advocacy skills, enabling them to investigate, expose and combat threats to wildlife and wild places and the people who live alongside them.

Images can help to show who is causing a problem and what the impact is on people, wildlife and the environment. But film and photos can do more than document problems – they are invaluable tools to show solutions. They can be used to bring an issue to life, making it interesting and accessible, prompting interest and action amongst a wide range of people.

Activists and communities are the daily witnesses to environmental threats and abuse. Our commitment is to support their efforts, and through images, help give them a powerful tool to expose and resolve those problems. Our aim is to help them to gather evidence, find the right outlet for their images and secure action, be it from the local communities themselves, or an industry heavyweight or a Government many thousands of miles away.

Since 2000, EJF has gathered film and photos from the rice fields and mangrove forests of Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Bangladesh through to the tropical coastal forests of Latin America. Film has provided us with irrefutable evidence of pirate fishing vessels operating in West Africa outside of any controls and creating a tragic waste of marine life. Undercover cameras have helped us to expose the State-sponsored forced child labour in Uzbekistan’s cotton fields, and film has helped us to gather powerful testimonies from modern-day slaves, the Burmese migrants caught up in Thailand’s powerful and often brutal fishing industry. Film has enabled us to record testimonies from ‘climate witnesses’ living on the frontlines of our changing global climate.

Today we have cameras on fishing boats, in ports and with activists in Africa and Asia, continuing to gather evidence and work to secure local action and resolutions, as well as inspiring international decision makers. And our work continues to use film to inspire public support for the solutions – whether we’re showing the beauty of bees, working with high-profile figures to secure attention for a new issue, or working with communities in West Africa as they protect marine turtles - film and photos are at the heart of what EJF does.

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