Slavery at Sea: The Continued Plight of Trafficked Migrants in Thailand's Fishing Industry, a new report and film launched today, reveals new evidence of human trafficking and the routine use of violence in the Thai fishing industry and inaction on the part of the Government to identify and prosecute criminals, corrupt officials and unscrupulous business operators, or to enforce measures to regulate fishing fleets and recruitment practices.


We're pleased that EJF has been announced as the Second Place Winner of the IMCS Network ‘Stop IUU Fishing Award’ for our unique system of illegal fishing alerts (so called “IUU Alerts) and community-based fisheries surveillance in Sierra Leone.


Though EJF continues to document sharks being caught, such as endangered Great Hammerheads, there is some good news suggesting the tide is turning for threatened sharks in Liberia.


EJF's investigation reveals the continuing brutal trade in modern-day slaves and Thai Government's failure to adequately address the issue.

This film reveals evidence of human rights and labour abuses taking place at every stage of the lucrative Bangladeshi shrimp industry.