Slavery at Sea: The Continued Plight of Trafficked Migrants in Thailand's Fishing Industry

EJF's investigation reveals the continuing brutal trade in modern-day slaves and Thai Government's failure to adequately address the issue.

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1.  End pirate fishing in West Africa through community surveillance and by promoting transboundary cooperation.

2.  End human trafficking, labour and human rights abuses aboard the world’s fishing fleet.

3.  Ensure that international measures to combat IUU fishing are developed, ratified, implemented and strictly enforced. This includes the EU IUU regulation, the Port State Measures Agreement and the Global Record of fishing vessels.

4.  Promote flag State responsibility and an end to the exploitation of Flags of Convenience.

5.  Engage directly with both authorities and local fishing communities in West Africa to develop Marine Protected Areas that are both locally appropriate and sustainable.

6.  Empower grassroots organisations, providing training in filmmaking and advocacy that enables them to promote marine conservation and combat pirate fishing.



Campaigning for environmental security and the protection of human rights.

EJF's Oceans Campaign aims to eradicate Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) or 'pirate' fishing.

We are working to create full transparency and traceability within seafood supply chains and markets.

We actively promote improvements to policy-making, corporate governance and management of fisheries along with consumer activism and market driven solutions.

Our ambition is to secure truly sustainable, well-managed fisheries and with this the protection and effective conservation of marine biodiversity and ecosystems.

EJF believes that there must be greater equity in global fisheries to ensure developing countries and vulnerable communities are given fair access and support to sustainably manage their natural marine resources.

We believe in working collaboratively with all stakeholders to achieve these goals.



The European Commission today gave South Korea, Ghana and Curaçao six more months to improve efforts to stop illegal fishing by their vessels. The three countries had been formally warned in November 2013 that they risk facing trade sanctions unless they cooperate in combating Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU), or pirate, fishing.


The Global Oceans Commission (GOC) joined the EU Commissioner for Fisheries today to launch its ground-breaking report on reversing the decline of the world’s oceans.


Oliver Proudlock has been sharing his new Serge DeNimes 'Drop in the Ocean' t-shirt design for EJF with Made In Chelsea friends Louise Thompson, Jamie Laing and Riley Uggla… who have joined to help EJF Save the Sea!

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