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Stand up for the Sami

Communities across the globe are suffering due to climate change

The Arctic is one of the world’s most fragile environments. Temperatures there are increasing at a rate nearly twice the global average.

Will you stand up for people like the Sami?

Too often, the people who have contributed the least to climate change are the hardest hit. They are living with the consequences of our lack of action.

Communities like the indigenous Sami people are especially exposed. Their traditions, rights and very way of life are in jeopardy.

At EJF, we’re fighting for climate justice

People whose lives are being devastated by climate change need to be heard. We cannot stand idly by while cultures are threatened and livelihoods destroyed.

The Sami are feeling the direct effects of climate change, watching, powerless as the climate warms and extreme weather events become increasingly prevalent.

Reindeer herding is a part of the Sami culture and livelihoods. Reindeer are starving as they struggle to access their usual source of food. Warmer than average temperatures mean that snow turns to rain, which freezes at ground level, trapping the lichen under a sheet of ice and making it inaccessible to reindeer.

I think indigenous peoples are always the first to know about climate change and to notice it, because we are so close to the nature

Maxada Märak, Sami rights activist

There’s a small chance we may raise more money than is needed for this campaign this year. If this happens, donations will go towards other important EJF campaigns, where additional funding is needed.