Getting your message across

This section will provide you with a framework for developing a communications strategy; advice and tools for engaging with the media to gain coverage for your campaign; and the use of social media as a powerful tool to motivate your supporters.

Making connections

Communications are vital – if no-one knows about the issues that concern you; if they never hear of the problems or the solutions, it is unlikely you will be able achieve your goals.

There are three questions you must always ask yourself and your team when developing your communications:

  • Who do I want to reach?
  • What is my message?
  • What response and outcome do I hope to inspire?

Always keep these questions in mind. Never start producing communications materials until you are completely clear about what your answers are.

Once you have decided who your key audiences are, and what messaging and channels you will use to reach them and achieve your objectives, you should put each output down in a clearly laid out, budgeted and dated plan. This should include milestones by which you can measure incremental progress towards your goals.

Remember communications is at the heart of campaigning, whether you are looking to reach a select group of politicians or millions of members of the public. Use storytelling and powerful images to make that connection and have the impact you want.

  • Read the training manuals below for a go-to guide to the techniques needed for successful communications.

Activist Training