Wildlife and Biodiversity

Wildlife and Biodiversity

Protecting wildlife, people and planet

The destruction of the natural environment and its breath-taking biodiversity is a threat to our shared Earth, our health and our economies. That is why EJF is fighting against the rampant and self-destructive exploitation of nature.

Humanity does not, and cannot, live in isolation from the natural world. From urban centres to remote wilderness, all our lives are inextricably bound to ecosystems and biodiversity. Whether it is about quality of life, or about life itself, respecting nature is essential to every being on the planet.

As we erode our planet – wrecking the oceans, destroying our forests and farmland and fundamentally shifting the climate – the lives of millions of people are put at risk.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought this into stark relief. Hundreds of species of wildlife crammed into cages at market created the perfect conditions for a new deadly virus to make the jump to humans. Millions of people have lost loved ones.

EJF is calling for an end wildlife markets once and for all. We are campaigning for a new green deal, urging world leaders to cooperate to create a new, sustainable set of policies to reset our relationship with the natural environment.

As we look to the future we must re-imagine and reinvent our place on the planet. The human race has the capacity to live sustainably and we must make the change, for ourselves and for the awe-inspiring wildlife we live alongside.

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