Desk research

Gathering the information you need

Desk research

This section will provide advice and information to help you research your issue to gather information and evidence needed to create an effective campaign.

Making your case

Before embarking on any programme of research you should ask:

  • Why do you want to undertake this research and what do you want to do with the information you gather - what is your objective?
  • Is this research part of an existing campaign strategy – where does it fit in?
  • Have you identified who you want to reach with your information and how?
  • What time, money and resources do you have to achieve your research goals?
  • Always take time to plan your research, carefully consider and write down your strategy.

Always start your research by examining your existing files and sources of information to establish what information or leads you may already have as this can save you time and money. What have others done and did they succeed? How can you follow-up on earlier work?

Remember it is vital to ensure factual accuracy in any statements that are made, and when there is doubt, if information is anecdotal or unsubstantiated, this must be clearly identified when you write up your research. Statements of fact must be provable fact, supported by credible references or proof such as filmed evidence.

An accurate, fact-checked report that brings together a body of knowledge into a clear argument for change can not only act as the bedrock of your campaign but inspire others to work for the same goal.

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