Securing international protection for climate change refugees

EJF believes climate change is both an environmental and human rights issue, and our Climate Campaign aims to secure international protection for the world’s growing population of climate refugees.

Climate change is an existential threat to humanity. As global temperatures continue to hit levels not seen since records begun, extreme weather events continue to cause major disruption and the rising cost of inaction leaves the poorest and most vulnerable people on our planet worst affected.

Alongside this, we must all do what we can to reduce our footprint on the planet - EJF supports an end to our carbon addiction and for the adoption of truly innovative approaches to our global energy needs.

Yet globally, we continue to pump over 38 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere each by burning fossil fuels, pushing CO2 concentrations to levels not seen for millions of years. Climate change is no longer a future threat. It is happening here and now, and communities across the world - from the Pacific Islands to Alaska - are already fleeing in the wake of the mass destruction and greater social, economic and political instability it brings.

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