What we do

What we do

EJF exists to protect the natural world and defend our fundamental human right to a secure environment.

We believe in equity and justice and a need to respect, defend, and empower communities most at risk from habitat loss, biodiversity collapse and global heating. We campaign for environmental justice.

EJF is an informed risk-taker, working on complex issues in challenging places. EJF investigates, films and exposes destruction to our natural world and supports, trains and equips environmental defenders, Indigenous peoples, communities, and independent journalists who speak truth to power and hold to account those responsible for nature crimes.

EJF drives policy and changes to the very ‘architecture’ of environmental governance, securing permanent solutions through our determined, efficient, and effective approach to the protection of the natural world.

Our campaigns focus on five priority, interlinked areas: ocean, climate, wetlands and forests, sustainable fashion, and environmental defenders.

Our campaigns