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Share information securely

Our Signal & WhatsApp number is: +447415636498 Our email is:

Share information with us securely

Do you have information or a tip-off relevant to an EJF investigation? The best way of sharing this with us securely is through Signal or WhatsApp to our dedicated number +447415636498

Signal and WhatsApp are free messaging apps with end-to-end encryption. They are available for both Android and iOS and can be used on desktop. You can attach and send documents, and select to delete messages from the sender and recipient’s phones.

Please be aware that any messages you send will be linked with a phone number.

Alternatively, you can email us. Simply create a ProtonMail account and email us at:

ProtonMail is an end-to-end encrypted email service which aims to protect email content and user data.

How we handle information

The Environmental Justice Foundation maintains strict control over information submitted to us by sources. A select team within EJF has access to submissions made via Signal, WhatsApp and ProtonMail. Please be aware that you may be contacted as we verify your submission.

Please note:

  • No communication method is guaranteed to be completely secure, as such, use of the EJF tip-off phone line and email is at the user's own risk.

  • We will do our best to protect your identity unless you indicate you wish to waive your anonymity.

  • If you want to remain anonymous, don’t contact us from work because most corporate networks log traffic.

  • If you want to remain anonymous, don’t call our main office number or contact us on social media.

  • Sharing information with us is no guarantee that content will be published or that you will receive a response.

  • We do not monitor our email and tip-off line 24 hours a day