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EJF’s privacy promise

EJF relies on support from people like you, who share our vision of environmental justice and protection for people and our shared planet. We ask our supporters to take action, take part in events or give, donate their time, energy and donations in support of our work. Your voice and your donations have a big impact - they are vital to our work.

Our promise to our supporters

We care greatly about how we communicate with you, and we set high standards for our fundraising appeals and news updates to inform and engage all of our supporters.

To ensure that we communicate with you through your preferred channels, and to enable us to share updates about our work, we collect different types of information, including personal data. We will always do our utmost to respect the trust you have in us, and protect your personal information.

We promise to:

  • Only ever request what we really need to know and use your personal data honestly and fairly.
  • Always hold your details securely.
  • Never share or sell your contact details.
  • Never contact you by phone unless requested to do so – we will never make ‘cold calls’ to solicit your support.
  • Contact you in ways you request – our paperless newsletters will reach you by email and you can unsubscribe or change your preferences at any time.
  • Ensure that everything we send to you is relevant to EJF’s campaigns and the impact your support brings.
  • Only analyse your data in order to communicate with you effectively and better understand your specific interests, preferences and engagement with EJF’s campaigns.

Ensure that you are in control of your information; we will delete your details from our database and not contact you again if you wish. Just let us know by emailing or calling us on 020 7239 3310.