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Ocean Campaigner - Japan / 日本の海洋担当オフィサー募集

EJFは、違法・無報告・無規制 (IUU) の漁業、および人権侵害などの関連問題の撲滅を目指して活動しています。そのために、水産物サプライチェーン及び市場における透明性や追跡性を促進すべく、政府や産業界と連携しています。EJFは違法・持続不可能・非倫理的な行動について詳細に調査し、政策決定、企業ガバナンス、漁業管理について積極的な改善を促し、市場イニシアチブによる解決策の促進を図るために消費者意識の向上も促します。

EU Policy Campaigner

EJF is working to improve the governance of global fisheries in order to protect and restore marine ecosystems and support the people who depend on them. A key focus is the effort to eradicate illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and associated issues, such as human rights abuses. To do this, we work with governments and industry to promote transparency and traceability within seafood supply chains and markets. We conduct detailed investigations into illegal, unsustainable and unethical practices and actively promote improvements to policy-making, corporate governance and the management of fisheries along with raising awareness among consumers to incentivize market-driven solutions.

Policy Adviser (Politische*r Referent*in)

Germany plays a critical role in all of EJF’s campaign areas, as the world’s fourth largest economy, the EU’s largest Member State and its third largest seafood importer. The policies of its government and the decisions of its industry are therefore of global importance.

EJF is an equal opportunities employer, committed to diversity, fair and equal treatment within the workplace.

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