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A core part of EJF's work is the production of high-impact films, reports and photo testimonies which allow us to communicate often complex issues in a simple and effective way, thereby reaching a wide audience. Many of these films are made in collaboration with grassroots partners to whom we provide training to enable them to continue to document abuses that affect the basic human rights of those around them.

The Gathering Storm: Climate Change, Security and Conflict collates evidence from around the world to show how climate change is acting as a catalyst for conflict and instability.

La Thaïlande est le troisième exportateur mondial de produits de la pêche. Elle fournit le marché américain, européen et asiatique. Mais loin des préoccupations des consommateurs, des travailleurs migrants en quête d’un avenir meilleur font l’objet de trafics d'êtres humains. Ils se font exploités, maltraités et sont même parfois assassinés à bord des bateaux de pêche thaïlandais. L’enquête menée par EJF dévoile le commerce brutal des esclaves des temps modernes.

EJF's investigation reveals the continuing brutal trade in modern-day slaves and Thai Government's failure to adequately address the issue.

Slavery at Sea: The Continued Plight of Trafficked Migrants in Thailand's Fishing Industry

Featuring testimonies recorded during investigations in 2012, Impossibly Cheap: Abuse and Injustice in Bangladesh’s Shrimp Industry documents examples of hazardous working conditions, the use of child labour, bonded labour, withholding of pay, excessively low wages, health and safety violations, restricted union activities, verbal abuse and excessive hours.

This film reveals evidence of human rights and labour abuses taking place at every stage of the lucrative Bangladeshi shrimp industry.

A short film inspired by Vivienne Westwood's Climate Revolution, in association with the Environmental Justice Foundation, to raise awareness of the plight of climate refugees.

The IUU Regulation seeks to prevent illegally caught fish from reaching European markets. This innovative legal tool can leave a positive legacy in the fight against IUU fishing, but a lack of uniformity in its implementation risks compromising its objectives.

Sold to the Sea exposes human trafficking, labour and human rights abuses in Thailand's fishing industry, including testimonies of forced detention, violence and murder from members of a group of 14 Burmese boat workers rescued from a port in Kantang, Southern Thailand.

Die Environmental Justice Foundation ergreift Massnahmen, um auf die Dringlichkeit einer globalen Registrierung von Fischereifahrzeugen (Global Record) aufmerksam zu machen. Es soll auf die akute Notwendigkeit von International Maritime Organization (IMO)-Nummern hingewiesen werden, die zur Kennzeichung von Schiffen, anhand unikater Schiffsidentifikationnummern (Unique Vessel Identifiers UVI), dienen.