Sea stories for our children
Jun 11, 2021

Sea stories for our children

By EJF Staff

It was while I was working at EJF that I had the idea for my business Forivor – EJF’s work to bring international attention to the appalling environmental and human rights abuses within international supply chains, like in the cotton and fishing industries, inspired me to think of ways to increase the share of sustainable organic cotton.

After realising there was a huge shortage of interesting organic bedding available, I had an idea for bedding that could nurture a child's innate love of nature and inspire them to be ambassadors of the planet as they grow up.

In this week of World Ocean's Day we are very happy to be donating 50% of the sale price across all our Legends of the Sea designs sold on the Forivor website to the EJF’s Ocean campaign.

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Although the cotton industry was my primary interest when I started working at EJF, I also became fascinated with the inequality of other global supply chains and the impact that they have on local communities. For example, EJF's work in Sierra Leone and West Africa demonstrates how if fishing trawlers act illegally by operating in areas that are protected or reserved for local fishermen, the local population are left without fish for food or for their livelihoods, plunging already poor communities further into poverty.

Whilst working with EJF, I was fortunate to have visited Sierra Leone and their first community project which began with one small boat and one fisherman. This incredible project empowers those most at risk of illegal fishing to expose and combat damaging practices and fight back at the companies that put legitimate fishers at a disadvantage and steal food from the mouths of the world’s poorest.

Sierra Leone 3

From that first small community project in Sierra Leone, EJF has now developed a highly effective Fisheries Information Network (FIN) which has expanded across West Africa, the Horn of Africa and South East Asia. The network connects local activists and small-scale fishing communities with EJF's remote, satellite monitoring technologies to identify and document potential illegal fishing practices.

To date, the information gathered by local communities has led to scores of official investigations, the delisting of illegal vessels, criminal proceedings and millions of dollars of fines levied on, ship owners and key legal reforms in countries whose vessels have been involved in illegal fishing.

Smiling Girl

Since my time working at EJF, the ocean campaign has expanded to include far reaching work to protect our ocean habitats, marine wildlife and the people that depend on them.

By buying a Legends of the Sea design both you and your children can learn more about marine wildlife and in doing so help EJF to protect the millions of people that depend on our ocean and for the magnificent and varied wildlife that call it home.

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