A manifesto to combat global heating

A manifesto to combat global heating

Systemic change for a sustainable, survivable future

An existential threat

The climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges humanity faces, and poses an existential threat for the stability of human societies and the web of life on Earth. It is the defining issue of our time, and demands coordinated, ambitious efforts to shift to a zero-carbon global economy. Only wholesale systemic change can avert catastrophic impacts for hundreds of millions of people.

Every nation and every industrial sector must play its part in the change we need. The time for incremental change and promises to cut emissions in far-off decades has long passed. Ambitious action to end our dependence on fossil fuels, stop the destruction of Earth’s life support systems and promote climate justice for all must begin immediately.

From reforming our energy production to shifting to a global circular economy, from ensuring Indigenous land rights and ownership to building forward-thinking cities, this manifesto outlines the key steps we need to get there. It is a practical document, detailing proposals which can be acted on immediately and which have proven benefits for tackling the climate crisis. It is comprehensive, taking the best available approaches and data for sustainable reforms covering everything to how we travel to the food we eat. It provides both specific policies and a broad framing for the action which we should, as a planet, now take.

Global heating is the key issue of environmental justice and it must be viewed through a human rights lens alongside the environmental one.

Steve Trent

EJF Co-Founder and CEO

Transformative change

This manifesto details how transformative change can and must come about. The bad news is that the situation is now urgent, but the good news is we have all the tools we need to bring the climate of our planet back to a stable state, with environmental justice for everyone and a thriving natural world. Committing financially and politically to climate action is not a cost; it will be the greatest investment in human history.

The science could not be clearer. The cost of inaction will be measured in homes destroyed, lives lost, economies collapsed and species wiped off the map, but it is not too late to act. We must end our carbon dependency quickly, equitably and completely, and everyone has a role to play. This manifesto is a roadmap to a sustainable future. It’s time to begin that journey in earnest.