Bringing Fishing Vessels out of the Shadows

  • Publication Date  23-04-13
  • Type  Report

Bringing fishing vessels out of the Shadows draws heavily on EJF’s work towards the eradication of Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) fishing in West Africa, which has revealed a compelling need for an international database of industrial fishing vessels containing their UVI and information on their ownership, flag, history, characteristics and fishing authorisations.

As explained by this briefing, EJF has documented vessels using multiple identities and changing their flags, names and radio call-signs to avoid detection and sanctions. A Global Record, alongside the obligatory use of a unique vessel identifier (UVI) in the form of an IMO number would drive transparency and traceability in global fisheries, thereby facilitating improved fisheries management and further action against IUU fishing.

EJF is calling on the EU to demonstrate strong political leadership to support the establishment of a Global record of fishing vessels, as part of its wider strategy to combat IUU fishing.