The Impact of the IUU Regulation on Seafood Trade Flows

  • Publication Date  05-02-18
  • Type  Report

Ten years after the adoption of the EU IUU Regulation, this new report by EJF, Oceana, The Pew Charitable Trusts and WWF examines how the EU’s carding system has impacted the flow of seafood products into and within the EU.

It is the first detailed analysis to show that shifts in seafood import flows have occurred since 2010 that appear directly related to the IUU Regulation. The report focuses on ‘high risk’ trade flows to the EU, in terms of the likelihood that products were caught in contravention of applicable fisheries rules.

Contrary to previous analyses, the report shows that weaknesses in member state import controls and uneven standards could be providing a route for non-compliant products to enter the EU market.