Join us on the climate strike!

The climate crisis is coming for us all. Young, old, rich, poor, every ethnic background, any political leaning. The violence of the storms and the danger of the floods will not discriminate.

On 20 September climate strikes are planned around the world. The student strikes for climate, led by the inspirational Greta Thunberg, have inspired the adults to finally stand up for the world and join them.

EJF will be out on the streets with our banners, our chants and our passion for people and planet. Our staff all over the world, from the UK and Germany to Thailand will be at the marches.

We’d love to see you there! Get in touch on social media to tell us your stories – why are you striking? What message do you want to send our leaders?

Together we must peacefully show we are willing to set aside our daily lives for something bigger than ourselves. Our leaders must be made to listen. The numbers of people who have already pledged to leave work and stand up for the planet will show them we are serious.

Time is running out. Let’s do this.

"EJF sees the climate crisis as both as an environmental issue and a human rights one. As our world heats up, our environment is degraded, people everywhere will be damned by too much water, or too little. Some places are already in near-permanent drought, in others temperature rises will make them uninhabitable. Many areas will disappear under water; whole nations will lose the land they depend on. Yet many of those who will be affected first and worst are those who have contributed least to greenhouse gases, and are the least able to protect themselves against the devastating consequences of our addiction to carbon. Now is the time to act. Get up, get out, demand action." - EJF's Executive Director Steve Trent

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