As Donald Trump lands in the UK, EJF calls for global commitment to tackling climate change and climate justice - NOW
Jul 12, 2018

As Donald Trump lands in the UK, EJF calls for global commitment to tackling climate change and climate justice - NOW

By EJF Staff

50,000 people are expected to take part in the ‘Stop Trump’ march, with a women’s march taking place earlier in the day. Amongst a multitude of attention-grabbing acts he has undertaken to undermine basic human rights and a secure environment, Trump’s actions during his presidency have risked the world’s chances of tackling climate change. He has put dangerous restrictions on the ability of scientists to communicate findings, and withdrew the United States from the Paris Agreement.

Whilst so many of his policies can be underdone in time with a change in government, climate change will not wait. We head to a tipping point for our planet. Having a climate denier at the helm of the world’s most influential political and economic force is so much more than bad timing.

2017 saw record-breaking temperatures, storms, wildfires and droughts, and the US has not been immune to the effects of human-induced climate change. Thousands of people were forced to move due to hurricanes and wildfires. In the past few days, the Washington Post has shown our planet as a blaze of red as record-breaking temperatures have gripped every continent.

Juliette Williams, EJF Director said:

“In our rapidly changing world, climate change - and its potential to trigger both violent conflict and mass migration - needs to be considered as urgent priority. Trump is not only failing to act on climate change, but is actively supporting those who cause the problem. His actions put the world’s most vulnerable at increased risk. EJF supports the people marching to protest Trump’s visit to the UK. It is crucial that we show that his actions are not acceptable or accepted.”

All too often it is the poorest, most vulnerable and voiceless people, like those EJF recently met in coastal Bangladesh, who have contributed least to climate change, who are first and worst affected.

EJF is demanding climate justice, ensuring legal protection that respects human rights and in particular takes into account the needs and vulnerabilities of women and children. By working together, world leaders can develop a system that protects climate refugees.

EJF’s campaign exposes the devastating impacts of climate change that are already forcing people to flee their homes, and demanding legal protection for climate refugees.

EJF is calling for protection for climate refugees, along with highlighting the absolute priority of ending our carbon addiction.

It is essential to immediately reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet our shared international commitment under the Paris Agreement to ensure that temperature rise is kept below 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.