Join us for the People’s COP27 - it’s time for climate justice
Oct 06, 2022

Join us for the People’s COP27 - it’s time for climate justice

By EJF Staff

We live in an era of extraordinary climate injustice. Global action on the climate crisis is not happening fast enough.

As the world heats up, the voices of those first and worst affected by the climate crisis are not being listened to in the air-conditioned halls of the COP conferences. The delegates of this year’s COP27 must listen to the people already living with the severe consequences of our warming world.

They must act now to solve the interlinked crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. The climate, nature, people and wildlife are under unprecedented assault, and we must turn back these threats together.

That’s why we are launching the People’s COP27, and we'd like you to join us.

The People’s COP27 is a virtual event taking place here on the 1st of November. Featuring films, interviews, keynote speakers and expert panellists, this event is a platform for the voices of the unheard, bringing the most important perspectives to the table before COP27 begins.

It gives a platform to those on the front lines of the climate crisis, providing a space that welcomes their stories and directs their messages to the decision makers that need to hear them. It will provide positive, urgent, hopeful action: for people, for wildlife, and for our shared planet.

Communities around the world will be heard and together, we will deliver a list of clear demands to global decision makers as they go into the COP27 negotiations. We will discuss everything from bringing an end to fossil fuels to putting climate justice first in policymaking, with the final text agreed among People's COP27 participants.

There is urgency, but also hope.

How you can get involved

Sign up to be a delegate of the People’s COP27 and join the conversation by heading here and clicking on “Register”. You’ll have full, free access to the entire online event.

If you have experienced the effects of the climate crisis and would like to send a message to world leaders, you can send us a video of yourself giving your views: please follow our guide to filming here.

If you have a story you’d like to share of the climate crisis, you can do so here.

Together, we can build a fairer, more sustainable world, where everyone has a safe place to call home.