Webinar: Addressing illegal fishing and human rights abuses in China’s global fleet

China report webinar

Join EJF and global experts for a discussion of EJF’s comprehensive analysis of illegal fishing and human rights abuses in China’s vast, opaque distant-water fishing fleet on the 3rd of May at 3pm (BST). You can sign up for the event here.

In our new report, we reveal that China’s distant water fleet – by far the world’s largest – is rife with human rights abuses and illegal fishing, and targets endangered and protected marine life across the world’s ocean. This destruction is enabled by the often total lack of transparency across global fisheries, and to prevent it, all nations must implement freely available, cost-effective measures that would give all stakeholders much greater control over seafood supply chains.

On Tuesday 3rd May from 3pm - 4:30 pm (BST), we will be exploring the findings of this new global investigation with renowned experts in illegal fishing and associated human rights abuses. The panellists are:

  • Monica Medina, US Assistant Secretary for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs

  • Anders Jessen, Acting Director for International Ocean Governance and Sustainable Fisheries of the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the European Commission

  • Edward White, China Correspondent for the Financial Times

  • Heidi Schuttenberg, Senior Coastal Resources and Biodiversity Advisor at US Agency for International Development

  • Nana Jojo Solomon, executive member of the Ghana National Canoe Fishermen Council

  • Philip Chou, Senior Director, Global Policy at Oceana

The event will include a screening of a new film by EJF which shows the first-hand, shocking evidence of an out-of-control fishing fleet that is exploiting the lack of transparency in global fisheries. This webinar will then facilitate a much-needed discussion on how the international community can make simple, low-cost reforms to global fisheries governance that will bring about much greater transparency. This discussion will be followed by a Q&A with questions from the online audience.

Register for this free, online event through Eventbrite here.

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