Transparency principle four: Factsheet for implementation: This technical brief focuses on how best to implement a central principle of EJF’s Charter for Transparency: publishing punishments handed out for illegal fishing and fisheries crimes.

Illegal fishing and human rights abuses in the Taiwanese fishing fleet: Violent abuse of migrant workers and flagrant illegal fishing are systemic problems across Taiwan’s distant water fishing fleet, a survey of crew from 62 vessels has found.

Europe – a market for illegal seafood from West Africa: the case of Ghana’s industrial trawl sector: This report reveals the linkages between the European seafood market and illegal practices in Ghana’s industrial trawl sector.

Illegal saiko landings at Elmina port: In November 2019, the Government of Ghana committed to ending the highly destructive and illegal fishing practice known as “saiko”. Since this announcement, almost 400 saiko canoes have landed fish illegally at Elmina port. EJF is calling on the President to lead in taking action to ensure saiko is eradicated.

Illegal fishing and human rights abuses in the Korean fishing fleet: This briefing provides background on the Korean deep water fishing fleet and sets out structural issues with its management, concluding with detailed recommendations to the Korean government.

Call for urgent action to end saiko to save the livelihoods of over 2.7 million Ghanaians: An open letter from the Ghana National Canoe Fishermen’s Council and eight NGOs has called on Ghana’s President to intervene to end the damaging illegal fishing practice known as ‘saiko’.

Open letter opposing new trawler licences from the Ghana National Canoe Fishermen Council: Ghana’s National Canoe Fishermen Council lays out its opposition to granting new trawlers licence to fish in Ghana's waters. Over capacity in the industrial fleet is threatening jobs and food security, it says.

Viral diseases from wildlife in China: Could SARS happen again?: Originally published in 2003 in the wake of SARS, this report reviewed zoonotic viruses that transmit from animals to humans. The report warned that China was the most likely candidate for the next novel zoonotic virus. The report shows the the Covid-19 pandemic was predictable and key lessons were missed.

COVID-19 Mythbusters: This leaflet is relevant ONLY to Thailand. If you live elsewhere, check local government guidelines.

The “people’s” fishery on the brink of collapse: Small pelagics in landings of Ghana’s industrial trawl fleet: Ghana’s sardinella fishery, which provides food and livelihoods for coastal communities, is under severe threat from illegal targeting by trawlers in the ‘saiko’ trade. Sampling of saiko sardinella revealed the fish were 99% juveniles. These young fish are crucial to the recovery of a population that is already on the brink of collapse, having crashed by 80% over the past twenty years.

Thailand’s progress in combating IUU, forced labour & human trafficking: EJF observations and recommendations volume 8, spring 2020: Over the last year EJF has observed improvements in PIPO inspection procedures, adoption of a risk-based approach to vessel inspections, and the proliferation of translators at PIPO centres. However, issues and concerns remain.

Legal opinion on the engagement of foreign companies in Ghana’s industrial trawl sector: This briefing summarises the key findings of a legal opinion delivered by the Taylor Crabbe Initiative to the Environmental Justice Foundation. In the opinion, TCi analyses the law governing the nationality of industrial trawlers fishing in Ghanaian waters.