Fish in disguise: Seafood fraud in Korea (Korean version): 가짜 생선 : 수산물 둔갑, 실태와 해결책 A year-long DNA test by EJF found that one out of three seafood samples in South Korea were wrongly labelled. This report provides a breakdown of the species most commonly mislabelled, illustrates the costs to people and the marine environment, and makes urgent recommendations for improving transparency in the Korean seafood system.

Principles of good governance for securing equitable and sustainable fisheries: This briefing provides an overview of global guidelines on tenure rights and how they can address key challenges facing Ghana’s fisheries sector, for the benefit of a more equitable and sustainable fishing industry.

EJF view on the Global Compact on Migration: Although the new international agreement on migration is a step forward, it cannot replace the legally binding agreement to protect climate refugees EJF is calling for.

An EJF briefing prepared for the Royal Thai Government: EJF is encouraged by the reforms made in Thailand to date, however we have documented continuing gaps and shortcomings that are inhibiting Thailand’s fishing industry from developing into a truly ethical and sustainable sector. In order to achieve this goal - mutually shared by the RTG and EJF - there are several substantive structural steps that must now be taken to ensure the positive progress made so far can be sustained into the future.

Human trafficking in Taiwan's fisheries sector: This briefing details the structural shortcomings in Taiwan's management of its deep water fishing fleet that allow human trafficking and human rights abuses to persist.

The Impact of the IUU Regulation on Seafood Trade Flows: Identification of intra-EU shifts in import trends related to the catch certification scheme and third country carding process

Highlights: The Impact of the IUU Regulation on Seafood Trade Flows: Identification of intra-EU shifts in import trends related to the catch certification scheme and third country carding process

Far Dwuma Nkodo Project Update January to June 2018: Welcome to our 2018 half-year newsletter, which provides an update on progress under the project and our upcoming work.

Beyond Borders: Our changing climate – its role in conflict and displacement: This report looks at the impact of climate change on food production and security, and the ways in which people are driven from their homes and lands by slow-onset weather events.

Thailand’s Progress in Combatting IUU, Forced Labour & Human Trafficking: EJF Observations and Recommendations: This report presents recommendations that are designed to address the gaps that continue to hinder Thailand’s effort to combat illegal fishing and human trafficking

An EJF briefing prepared for Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan of the Royal Thai Government: Enabled by political commitment at senior levels, the Royal Thai Government has introduced a new legislative framework and regulations for fisheries, established technology-assisted monitoring and inspection regimes and has further signed up to the first of several key international instruments that are required in the fight against IUU and human trafficking. While the Thai reform path has been positive, gaps and shortcomings persist. EJF is encouraged by the proposed measures to address IUU as discussed at the Royal Thai embassy in London in July, but additional, structural measures are absolutely crucial if the reforms are to be effective, successful and entrenched in the long-term.

Protecting bees and other wild pollinators: Life without bees is unimaginable. Help us to give them food and a home, and end the use of harmful pesticides in our gardens and on our farms.