Legal status and protection for climate refugees as a key part of climate justice: Explicit legal recognition that people are being forcibly displaced from their homes by the climate crisis is urgently needed.

Our blue beating heart: Blue carbon solutions in the fight against the climate crisis: More than half of biological carbon is captured by marine life, yet this ‘blue carbon’ is currently neglected in climate policy.

EJF抗击全球变热宣言: 这份宣言目的是指明道路,强调人类能够以及应该采取哪些行动来实现一个可持续、可生存的未来,同时为我们亟需需要应对气候崩溃的系统变革提供一个框架。

EJF全球熱化對抗宣言: 這份宣言在對抗氣候崩潰上,為我們急迫需要改變的體制提供了明確可做、也該做的方向架構,以確保人類永續發展與可生存的未來。

Powerless bystanders: Ghana’s fisheries observers struggle to curb crimes and ensure their own safety at sea: This briefing reveals that Ghanaian fisheries observers are bribed and threatened at sea, conditions that have enabled rampant illegal fishing in Ghana’s waters.

EJF's recommendations for a just European Union carbon border adjustment mechanism: A carbon border adjustment mechanism, if implemented correctly, could be a positive force for decarbonising European consumption and driving emissions reductions worldwide.

Joint Statement - 52 organisations worldwide urge EU Member States to combat illegal and unsustainable fishing practices: “Require cameras also on vessels below 24 metres”: This statement from NGOs, retailers and academics urges EU states to vote for mandating cameras on all vessels to prevent illegal fishing.

Joint letter: Proposed Thailand law threatens civil society organizations combatting trafficking: A new law proposed in Thailand includes clear violations of the right to freedom of association. We urge the US State Department to advocate for the Thai government to withdraw the bill.

Far Dwuma Nkɔdo Project update: July to December 2020: This newsletter for July to December 2020 provides an update on activities implemented during the final six months of the Far Dwuma Nkɔdo project.

超越疆界: 超越疆界―氣候變遷在衝突與流離中扮演的角色:這份報告關注氣候變遷對食物生產和安全所帶來的衝擊,以及在逐漸變遷的氣候環境下,人們為何不得不遠離家園。

At what cost? How Ghana is losing out in fishing arrangements with China’s distant water fleet: summary: This is a summary of EJF's "At what cost?" report, detailing Ghana's loss of revenue due to the use of opaque corporate structures by China's distant water fishing fleet.

At what cost? How Ghana is losing out in fishing arrangements with China’s distant water fleet: A lack of transparency allowing Chinese fishing trawlers to hide their ownership means Ghana is missing out on between 14.4-23.7 million US dollars every year in licence fees and fines.