EJF briefing in response to planned EU Parliament vote on Sustainable Corporate Governance report 2020/2137(INI): EJF urges the EU Parliament to vote 'YES' on the Legal Affairs' Committee report on Sustainable Corporate Governance and take a leadership role in preventing human rights and environmental abuses in EU value chains.

Open letter to world leaders: Put marine ecosystems at the heart of climate policy: We call on national governments to recognise the critical importance of our ocean and blue carbon in the fight against the climate emergency.

Carta abierta a líderes mundiales: Solicitud para colocar a los ecosistemas marinos en el corazón de la política climática

給世界領袖的一封公開信: 請將海洋生態系視為氣候政策的核心

Marine Havens Under Threat: The impacts of the climate crisis on tropical coral reefs and the communities that rely on them: This report examines the impact of overfishing, pollution and climate change on coral reefs, and how to protect them.

Climate action to secure human rights worldwide: A position paper for the German political landscape: Germany is in a unique position to become a global leader on climate. On joining the UN Security Council this year, and assuming presidency of the EU in 2020, the country must propel climate change mitigation and facilitate an international agreement to protect the rights of climate refugees. EJF's briefing explains why Germany must rise to the challenge.

Positionspapier | Aktive Klimapolitik zum Schutz der Menschenrechte: Industrienationen sind in der Verantwortung die Wahrung der Menschenrechte in Anbetracht der Klimakrise in den Vordergrund zu rücken. Da Deutschland ein einflussreiches Mitglied in der Europäischen Union (EU) und innerhalb den Vereinten Nationen (UN) ist, fordert EJF mit diesem Positionspapier die Bundesregierung auf, eine Vorreiterrolle im Kampf gegen die Klimakrise einzunehmen und Maßnahmen zu ergreifen, um all jene zu schützen, die heute schon unter den Folgen der Klimakrise leiden.

Rights at risk: Arctic climate change and the threat to Sami culture: The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world. This is putting its unique ecosystem at risk, and with it the existence of Europe’s only recognised indigenous people, the Sami, who have lived in the Arctic for millennia. The Sami have a clear message for decision makers, from the front lines of climate change: now is the time to act.

On the frontlines. Climate change in Bangladesh: This report looks at the impacts of climate change on Bangladesh, and how it is forcing millions of people to flee their homes.

Beyond Borders | Der Klimawandel und seine Rolle bei Migration und Konflikten: Dieser Bericht beleuchtet die Auswirkungen des Klimawandels auf die Nahrungsmittelproduktion und Ernährungssicherheit und zeigt die unterschiedlichen Arten auf, durch die Menschen aus ihrer Heimat oder ihrer Region durch allmählich einsetzende Wetterereignisse vertrieben werden.

EJF view on the Global Compact on Migration: Although the new international agreement on migration is a step forward, it cannot replace the legally binding agreement to protect climate refugees EJF is calling for.

Beyond Borders: Our changing climate – its role in conflict and displacement: This report looks at the impact of climate change on food production and security, and the ways in which people are driven from their homes and lands by slow-onset weather events.