Journalist capacity building projects (2020-2023): Since 2020 EJF has conducted projects focused on the training and capacity building of journalists in five different countries; Cameroon, Ghana, Indonesia, Liberia and Somalia. This briefing summarises some of these projects, whilst also highlighting some of the challenges faced by journalists.

Slave labour in the Brazilian cattle ranching industry: the case of the Pantanal and the European market: Slave labour is prevalent in Brazil’s cattle ranching industry. This report investigates slavery on ranches in the Pantanal wetland, including some linked to JBS, the world’s largest meat producer.

Open letter calling on Lord Cameron to support greater protections for the Pantanal wetland: With COP 28 upon us, it is critical that the international community addresses current threats to the Pantanal, in recognition of the central role it plays in our ability to avoid catastrophic climate breakdown. Alongside MPs, peers and other NGOs in the UK and Brazil, we are calling on Lord Cameron, the UK's Foreign Secretary, to begin this process.

The impact of EU supply chains on deforestation and biodiversity in Brazil's Pantanal: a global wetland under threat: This research explores the role played by EU cattle supply chains in driving the conversion of native vegetation to pasture in the Pantanal biome, with a view to informing the European Commission’s impact assessment of the expansion of the EU Regulation on deforestation-free products to include Other Wooded Land and Other Natural Ecosystems.

Investigative journalism training manual: EJF and TEMPO Institute intend for this manual to share good or best practice methodologies and techniques for conducting field-based investigations into environmental crimes in Indonesia, as well as to inspire the next generation of young journalists to take an interest in documenting and reporting on environmental issues.

Manual pelatihan jurnalisme investigasi: EJF dan Tempo Institute melalui manual ini bermaksud untuk membagikan metodologi dan teknik-teknik yang baik atau praktik terbaik dalam melakukan investigasi berbasis lapangan terhadap kejahatan-kejahatan lingkungan di Indonesia, serta menginspirasi generasi jurnalis muda berikutnya untuk menaruh minat pada pendokumentasian dan pelaporan isu-isu lingkungan.

Paradise lost? Protecting the Pantanal, a precious ecosystem in crisis: The Pantanal is the largest tropical wetland in the world, and as well as hosting a unique array of wildlife it is an important carbon store, helping to regulate global climate. It is under imminent threat of destruction: the briefing lays out how progressive policy from the EU could help.

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